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Indeed, TKC are really excellent people to do business with. I really cannot recommend them highly enough; they know their stuff, have keyboards to try, dedicate time and care, and are all round very nice people.

Oh, one more thing... Micro Usb, preferably slightly recessed. :)

I registered here just to provide feedback on my Varmillo VA109M and my impression of it having used it for a couple of weeks. Things I've noticed:

Feels a (little!) bit plastic-y to the touch, yet has a reassuring weight to it. A little lighter than my Ducky Zero. Feels to have a reasonable build quality and sturdy frame. There is no suggestion of twist or flex when handling the keyboard and its heavy enough to not be easily disturbed.

I chose Cherry Browns. Nothing much to say here, I got what I expected. Only thing worth mentioning is that with PBT keycaps on the switches feel a little lighter than they do with ABS caps. This threw me a little until I figured out it's simply the heavier caps.

PBT keycaps print quality was nice and clear. The letters aren't transparent, however, so there's no illumination to them other than light shining under the keys. In a dark or dim environment this can make reading keys impossible as they become haloed. Further to this, the LEDs are positioned below the switches, not above. This gives a pretty bad effect of a "line of light" visible just under the front side of each key. For an (very poor quality, sorry) example image, see here:

Sadly, mine has terrible pinging. Covers approx 50% of the board. My alpha keys mostly sound fine, but the space bar in particular and the numpad keys sound like I'm playing on a springboard. Some are louder than others, some only ring slightly, some don't ring at all but just sound smooth and firm. It gets noticeably worse when using the keyboard on a hard surface, or propped up on the legs. Sadly the ones that do make such a noise have distracted me to the point of returning the board to the vendor and asking for a refund. It's a shame because it's otherwise it's a very satisfying board.

Other notes:
 - Came in lovely packaging, with a very sturdy feel to it.
 - Five weeks from order to UK delivery - not bad but the France -> UK part took less than 20 hours once it was finally underway.
 - USB cable is detachable, slightly recessed, gold-plated and branded with the Varmillo logo. nice touch.
 - Wood effect is quite nice (doesn't look tacky) but it would be good to have a non-textured option.
 - Included additional keys for the Caps-, Scroll- and Num-Lock with clear windows on them to denote toggle status via the LED. Really liked this and swapped them out immediately.
 - The Windows (super) key does *not* have the raised circular bevel, thankfully. It is a regular, flat key akin to the ones on either side of it. I personally prefer this and had been a little worried it would be the other type.

Hey there, I got a VA68M with cherry mx blue switches and want to change them to khali thick gold - any word of advice?


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