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[GB] GMK Skeletor (Shipping Completed)

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GMK SKELETOR is officially live!

All information can be found here:

Orders can be made here:


Base - $125
Tray - $131
Purple Spacebar (6.25 and 7) - $8

The group buy timeline:

1. July 22 - Orders will end
2. July 29 - Submit order to Factory
3. October 7 - Expected Arrival Date
4. October 10 - Send out all orders


1. I just found out we are in the production schedule. We should be ready by late September.
I always try to over-estimate everything. So we might actually get the set sooner than expected.

We, Originative Co., will handle all payments and shipping.

145 keys will all be manufactured and sorted by GMK. New Purple, DY, will be used along with TU2 (Cyan).

Nubbinator will update you guys information about the extras :)

Approval bump, and remember Caveat Emptor :) 

Reserved - I'll be using this spot to add some more details.

For starters, I have 75 of these stylized Skeletor staff stickers to go out:

I have two more sticker designs I'm waiting to receive and will post them here as soon as I do.

All the stickers together:

These are limited in number, so not all sets will get one.

Yay already over 100! Wonder which artisan would match for escape the best.....on my "pink" LZGH

I had no idea it was going to be so limited, I'm glad I got my order in. Really excited for this one. Thanks again for putting this all together.


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