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[Group Buy] Miami & Miami Nights (+Purple Fugu Giveaway)

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Welcome to Miami!

Miami is one of the original custom keycap sets in the community. It was first run by [CTRL]ALT in 2013 and has since spawned many variants. We are delighted to introduce Miami in a new profile, while taking advantage of the striking colors offered by GMK to fulfill our Miami dreams.

MOQ Breakdown:

100 - $135
200 - $125
300 - $120

Miami Nights have reached 80, and we will push the set through

Estimated Timeline:

Group Buy - 5/5/17
End Group Buy - 5/26/17
Submit Payment to Manufacturer - 6/2/17
Estimated Completion - 9/29/17


Each Group Buy Participant will have a chance to win a Purple Sky Fugu

I love and hate you sherry!

I need both!

Damn it

Think I'm actually in for miami nights this time around

Ivan got me for 3 sets :-(


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