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DCS Midnight Keyset

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--- Quote from: SMKNGNZ on Mon, 10 September 2018, 22:53:22 ---We have basic two-shot black on white and white on black keysets scheduled to run next. Did you have a particular set in mind?

--- End quote ---

Ideally I'd want skull squadron, but I seriously doubt the chances of that happening...

Woah, very nice. I have been meaning to try DCS and that was always one of the standout colorways.

Looking forward to it, hopefully the compatibility isn't too expensive!

So, in a nutshell, this is the same as midnight r1, but the modifiers have a slightly lighter shade of gray for more contrast, right?  So the midnight modifiers are lighter gray with the mint green text, and the twilight modifiers are mint green with the lighter gray text.  Yes?

Man, those photos on the website are pretty terrible in terms of color accuracy. You've got to do better than this:

oof $136 for base, mods, and 7u basic comp. Agreed with pixelpusher, some better images might help you out!

Images are updated now.  They look a lot better.

More here


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