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[YT VID] NK87 EE Blossom | AirR Deadline Keycaps | Unbox+Mod+Build+Sound Test



NK87 EE Blossom | AirR Deadline Keycaps | Unbox+Mod+Build+Sound Test

⁕ My first full keyboard build on youtube! ⁕
TBH, it was really hard to film and edit, the process took so long. T.T From storyboarding, lighting, cinematography, sound & music.
But nevertheless, Iíll be posting more videos and I have a goal to have at least 1 video a month for you to enjoy on a cozy day. :)
Let me know what you think or if you have any questions in the comments!

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I really like how well you shot the video.

I'm so glad I discovered this article! It offered important insights and useful advice. I appreciate that you shared your knowledge and had a great impact. Also, if you're selling your laptop, I highly recommend checking out Gizmogo!


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