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KPrepublic's Hand-lubed service is devoted to delivering a luxurious typing experience with our carefully crafted switches. Each switch is hand lubricated thoroughly using KPrepublic's unique mixed grease, rigorously checked and rechecked to ensure the highest of quality in order to meet and exceed your expectations once you receive them.

The following is the general procedure of KP hand-lubrication.

* Day 1-2 Disassemble and clean switches: KPrepublic's hand-lubed service thoroughly cleans the original grease on switch with professional cleaner. If the switch isnít factory pre-lubed, the cleaning procedure is skipped.
* Day 3 Drying: After cleaning, switches are allowed to air dry naturally for an entire day.
* Day 4-9 Lubrication: Individual parts of each switch is meticulously hand-lubed by individuals with years of experience with our exclusive formulated lubrication in the aim of delivering a maximized touching and typing experience.
* Day 10-11 Assembly: Each batch of switches is throughly tested multiple times once assembled at a dedicated lube station. After reassembly, the switches are subjected to a typing test to ensure uniformity and consistency across all switches.
* Day 12-14 Complete Switch Test: After lubrication has settled for 24 hours, switches are then tested again several times on an active PCBs in order to ensure the highest level of quality assurance and control is applied to each and every switch.
How to get KP hand-lubed service

When you buy switches and want to have the hand-lubed service, you need:

* to choose and add the switch you want into your cart
* to visit the service page and choose the same numbers of switch you buy and add into your cart
* to pay with PayPal
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