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Where did you learn so much about particular switch models and the like? Share links with us please.

Whiskey in the Jar-o:
I'll post a bunch of links a bit later today.

Cool, thanks.

Whiskey in the Jar-o:
Some links in decreasing order of usefulness. Now that I look at them, they don't seem to be as useful as they did at first.
Switch types explained:

Very detailed site about switches. Interesting custom keyboard:

Cherry ML and MX keymodules:

Keyboard nostalgics arguing:

Good ergonomics site all-around. A bit dated. A lot of alternative keyboards, most of which are no longer made:

Particularly good article on typing technique:

Heaps of special keyboards sold on these sites:

Cheap Indian keyboard with Cherry MX switches:

Steel Series gaming keyboard with MX switches:

Ergonomic keyboard on the cheap:

General keyboard advice. Makes me want to get a Honeywell keyboard):

Remapping keys under Linux. There seem to be a few ways of doing it. This is one way:

Rather weird keyboard. May be vapourware:

If you are ever interesting in chording keyboards, this one looks very interesting. I almost got one at the height of my RSI:

Programmer Dvorak. Dvorak aside, not a bad idea. When programming you end up using (), {}, [] and other non-alphanumerics a lot, yet they are the least accessible keys.

Cleaning the datahand. Another thing I almost bought, and still may:

Licensed el-cheapo copy of the Maltron keyboard:

An alternative to the Dvorak alternative layout that's getting some mindshare. I seriously considered it, but I think that alternatives to QWERTY are most efficient with plain text. I don't think they solve programmer's issues:

Layout comparison:

More Linux layout stuff:

TG3 - the makers of the Deck:

The cheapest possible keyboard with ML switches:

A bunch of keyboard  company links:

Dvorak advocacy:

The ergonomic keyboard for the mac with Cherry MX switches. Almost bought one, but they only had the ADB version.

Great ergonomic advice for typing from Cornell University:

I think this one is Alps and super-programmable:

Good reference for looking up the switch types in all sorts of vintage keyboards:

Another japanese site. On the right side, there is a list of switch types. Click on the switch type to find which classic keyboards have that switch type:

Another ergonomic keyboards site. Note the price for the Northgate Ergonomic:

Site I got my Northgate Ergonomic from:

Vim cheat sheet:

That is all.

Nice list of links, there are a few on there I haven't seen, and some articles I missed even when I at that site. Thanks  :D


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