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I lost one but gained a few

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My Cherry 4100's plug broke when I was plugging it in at work last week. Bummer, huh? I don't think I even want to fix it. I have a keyboard that is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, and if it is, I will upload some pics.

So for now, I stuck with carp Apple membranes like everyone else at that place. The problem is that the Cherry was the only keyboard I have that is quiet enough to use at work. I couldn't imagine me typing an email in the middel of the newsroom with a model M or some Alps switches - they would kill me. At times, many times, that place is silent as a tomb.

The one that is supposed to be delivered tomarrow has Alps switches, so it's gonna be loud, and I bought one of the last remaining Mac Mini keyboards from Karl at DSI. I got one of them with black switches like my Cherry, but they are the full sized MX switches. I am excited about that one. I'll post a review of both when I get them.


Whiskey in the Jar-o:
That doesn't sound like a big job to fix it. Quiet newsroom? That's not how it is in the movies!

And also, "Stop the presses" is really uncommon in the movies. In real life, it happens too much and it's never good.

Whiskey in the Jar-o:
Why not one of those new Apple Aluminium keyboards?

Scissors switches.


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