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[MechSupply] Devlin Q-Series Pennine Planck/Preonic/Ergo Keyset



Following on from the popular K-Series Aurora, Pennine is a return to low profile spherical Q-Series, offering Planck and Preonic compatibility, and now also supports the Ergodox keyboard!

The Pennine keyset is based off the Q-Series keycaps used on the Pennine Point of Service keyboards produced by Devlin in UK in the late 90's and early 2000's. This keyset uses the same profile and colour codes and therefore is a faithful reproduction of this retro keyset. The set includes point of service novelties as a homage to the original board.

Q-Series keycaps are produced by Devlin Electronics in the UK and are similar to Signature Plastics DSA profile, however they are thicker, have a blocker shape with a larger typing surface area. This set is non-sculpted and features homing bars on the F & J keys.

MOQ's: Base = 40 | Ergo = 20
Group-buy Close Date: 19 March 2018
Estimated Shipping Date: 5 May 2018


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