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Hello Geekhackers,

For you and our convenience, we will update our Group Buy status here when we close our every group buys.
If you have any questions about the group buy you joined, please no hesitate leave your comments here.
We will give you feedback as soon as possible.


Have a good day!


Closed and delivered.

Power Rangers Keycaps

Closed. Already sent to the author for producing. Already delivered.

Joker Mousepad

Closed and delivered.

Gundam RX-78-2 Mouse pad

Closed. Already sent to the author for producing. will deliver as promised. Already delivered.

Kylin Case


Will finish at the end of May. Then we will arrange to deliver. Already Delivered.



Just communicated with the author, was told the keyboard may delay.

Hello guys,

First of all, we are grateful that you joined the Group buy for Evil box full size.

Second, we are sorry that we are afraid we may delay the shipment of Evil box.

Because the factory has to rebuild the box for some mistakes.

In fact, we already delivered orders that has only Cherry-edition one.

The SA-edition has to be waited for the factory reship to us.

We apologize for such inconvenience.

For now, the estimated shipping date would be the early of June.

Evil box Full size group buy closed and delivered.

May I get updates for SA / GMK Oblivion ?


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