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2021 Seattle WA Meetup Aug 28

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--- Quote from: MGWS on Thu, 26 August 2021, 12:09:10 ---Hi everyone, I just started learning about keyboards and was lucky enough to see there is a Seattle meet-up.  Is the event open to visit or do we need to sign up?  Thanks for any info!

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Its open to everyone!  We would love to have you.

PC Concepts:
Instructions on where and how to get into the meet up space are posted in blurs discord which is linked above and in the seattle mech discord under "meetup discussion"

Will check it out. Bringing a Geekboys Nebula.


--- Quote from: BareSphereMass on Wed, 25 August 2021, 00:35:40 ---I would love to try the buckling spring switches, and also the white alps!

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Cool, I will be sure to bring the OmniKey with the white alps.
I'm working on cleaning it right now, I'm scrubbing down the top plate and the keycaps (they SERIOUSLY needed it, it was GROSS!!!)
However, I won't have time to open and clean out the switches themselves so they are still going to be a little scratchy and bind a bit, but white alps are so awesome nevertheless!

If you replied on this thread, we expect you there, simple as that.


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