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[Resolved] Searching for a 60% PCB, suggestions wanted :-) (Went with Cascade60)

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Hi, everyone,

I'm current on the search for a solid 60% PCB that needs to support the "standard" HHKB layout (which means a 6u spacebar, not the common other popular 7u spacebar option). The reason I need this PCB is for reviving my KBD Tina-A build (the standard hhkb layout, it has blocks, so I have no other option really).

IDK if there's something wrong with me, or just a flaw of the PCB + Case design of DZ60 and the Tina-A case, two DZ60s has died on my particular keyboard. I bought the two PCB soldered from KBD directly, so if it's an soldering issue, it's not my problem :-).

Anyway, so now I'm on the hunt for a 60% PCB that would serve my purpose. Last time when I was looking into 60% keyboards (around 5 years ago), the defacto board is a GH60 or SATAN60 which are based on a GH60. Both of these boards of course can work, but they are not to be found easily.

I manage to find the older keyboard shop which I bough a GH60 years ago still offering them, but I'm open to other PCB options.

Here is a list of 60% PCBs that supports the standard HHKB layout and my current oppinions.

* GH60, Solid board with good support on TMK/QMK
* SATAN60, basically GH60, but hard to find now
* DZ60, since my last 2 broke, I'm gonna avoid it
Would really appreciate any suggestions on the 60% PCBs, and a bonus if I can get it in Canada.

Jan. 15, 2022 Update:

Adding some notes if someone is every is the same shoes as me and is searching for information.

After reading the comments below (thanks a lot for the suggestions!), I went with the Cascade Hotswap 60% PCB. It's a bit more expensive than the DZ60 but the dealer is local in Canada and the PCB looks great.

Another thing I noticed was if I use 1.5u 1u 1.5u 7u 1.5u 1u 1.5u bottom row (i.e., the standard 7u bottom row), I'll only lose 1 key on bottom right and gain so much for compatibility (e.g., 7u spacebars are way easier to find that 6u spacebars). And personally for me, I don't use that key anyway, so win-win!

Here is a picture of it.

You might be aware of this website with all of the GH60 info. Don't know if you want to go that deep in the weeds but you can download all of the info/artwork to have someone make the PCB if you choose.

Kind of curious, what issues did you have with the DZ60?

They both died by not recognized by the computer. And I weren't even using them heavily, like roughly a few hours a week (both of them died within a year).

Sounds really odd that two DZ60 died. Maybe a PC issue?

GH60 and satan60 is not really around anymore afaik. There's plenty of good 60% projects these days. A few examples: Plain60 (open sourced)/H60/AN-C/instant60, all are solid PCBs. I'd start by looking for 60% PCB's at your local vendors.

I have a project here that's open sourced if you want to DIY:
You can also buy them here if you don't want to DIY:


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