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krytox or grease for linear switches in EU


Where would you get a lube for linear switches, in the EU?
Many of you suggest the 205 variant for linear switches, I see that such kind of grease seems really overpriced... like 1 eur / gram? Is that pricing correct??

Here's a link of regionally sorted vendors that sell keyboards stuff:

A good number of them sell lube, buy from whoever has it for cheapest.

I would get the 205. Yes its expensive but have been proven to work the best. I pay $12 for 5ml in the US. That has lasted me through a few hundred switches and then some stabilizers. Don't use dielectric lube or oil as that will cause issues with the switches from my understanding.

The link below should help you track down some lube. Not sure about any of the vendors as I don't have experience with them. Someone from the EU might be able to assist you better.


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