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MiTo Canvas XDA - New Set on Massdrop

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Going to have to enter this for elder furthark alone.

You kids have it too good these days.  In my day we would be fapping over paper thin SP DCS, and we LIKED it. :D


--- Quote from: CMYK on Mon, 16 January 2017, 17:39:18 ---Seems incredible.  Nice colors, options, and with an interesting profile.  I see no mention of GMK, or Signature Plastics.  Who is actually manufacturing this set.

--- End quote ---

First XDA buy that I know of is:

The above set is also extreme like the MiTo's version, there are some unique things there, and they also included 1.75/1.25 arrows, but things were barely below my tipping point, the multitude of options messed me up, also for this set, the left/top aligned legends were just incredible, yet they only existed for the sub options, in a way, the MiTo's set feels like the next iteration of the Milestone

I'm guessing XDA is from a Manufacturer in China that is not well known yet

Edit: The Milestone was really unappreciated, it certainly deserved more love, but I guess, these days, we prefer Massdrop

I like the shape and texture of these XDA caps, but that's pretty much the only thing I like, I'm sorry to say.


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