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How to make rice?

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You guys make the simplest easiest things into colossal and fussy productions.

There is no reason to buy automated machines to try to help prevent your brain from having to function.

Any good cook will tell you that cooking is both an art and a science. Learn both aspects.

Grab a Korean/Japanese rice cooker, scoop two cups of rice using the cup it comes with, wash the rice till the water runs mostly clear and then pour the rice into the rice cooker's bowl, stick your index finger straight down into it and add water till the the water reaches your index's first joint, close lid and lock, then press the Cook button (you'll have to figure out which one it is if you don't read Korean/Japanese).

Been using Cuckoo and Zojirushi cookers all my life and this is how my parents taught me.

take some photos nt, of how much water covers the rice when you put it in

Kind of sounds like there's too much water and/or maybe too much starch from not washing. I assume you're also washing the rice around 5 times or more until the water in the bowl is clear, and washing it with cold water? After the timer goes off, I also let the rice sit another 10 minutes or longer after it finishes. This is the rice I usually have:

seeing all of this makes me feel like a caveman using a standard cooking pot to make my rice, but in the end my rice comes out perfectly as I want it.


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