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Love the Knight color scheme. Not sure I've seen gold/bronze accented black before.

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aesthetically i prefer this layout to FRL TKL - looks sweet!

I like this layout. Unique and really aesthetic. I'd join the group buy.

El Kinoflop:
Looks good, I'd 2nd the split space idea.


--- Quote from: firimp on Sun, 05 March 2023, 05:45:29 ---
--- Quote from: NSMN on Sun, 05 March 2023, 05:21:51 ---
--- Quote from: firimp on Sun, 05 March 2023, 02:59:28 ---matrix 2.0add+gok venn+neson 700e,is sososoya a different name of kalam?

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What type of drug did you use before writing this?

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Perhaps it's the kind of drug that will make you wake up and stop denying reality, as anyone who has taken it can see the iconic side trim strips (matrix), variable type-C on both sides (still matrix), rectangular weight with an outer frame (venn). The resemblance of each individual element is not a problem, but the combination of so many "coincidences" is very suspicious.

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I want whatever this dude is drinking


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