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So, online peeps complaining that D4 is just D3 + 10 years and no progress.

Here's the thing though, if anyone is still playing video games 10 years apart, they probably became an adult.

So, is the problem that the games haven't improved, or that NO-Game would really be that interesting to adults, as most gameplay elements of Action RPGs are grindy.

Where Grindy in real life (adult life) is something they "pay you" to do, rather than you "pay them" to experience, such as washing dishes.

What exactly are adults expecting out of these "games."

Are we asking for things which do not exist given the reality that is "Growing Up" and "Aging Out" ?

Tried the demo, it was better than D3, but still felt nowhere near as engaging as D2 ever did. It's so tragic they turned away from that magic formula of actual character building.

I liked D3 for what it was, but found the post-game Paragon system to be kinda lazy and it just wound up feeling like MMO-style gear grinding.
Reaper Of Souls was great content though, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and levels for the dlc.

Prolly give D4 a try when they hammer out a major update patch

D4, imo, plays alot better than D3 did - the skill tree and focus tree appears to be more refined and allow better/stronger builds.  I plan on picking up a copy today more than likely since I am at a stale point on Destiny 2 (only 2nd week into a new season, and already done with what I need for now lol).


--- Quote from: noisyturtle on Fri, 02 June 2023, 06:03:06 ---post-game MMO-style gear grinding.

--- End quote ---

This is every ARPG though. Certain ones like Souls doesn't force you to play equipment only, but behind the scenes, it's the same table of values driving the game, emphasis on physical exertion/timing is not really a departure from table elements, it just appears that way, cognitively we're running the same cost/benefit analysis.


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