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transph0bic documentary.

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--- Quote from: 1391401 on Sat, 03 June 2023, 01:45:26 ---medical procedures should remain between a patient and their doctor and conservatives need to stop obsessing over what genitals people have in their pants

--- End quote ---

This. If you really feel this is an issue, the right play is to give doctors more iron-clad protections to refuse treatments they feel are unwise at a given age or development level (tort protection) and/or introduce stiffer penalties if a doctor is found to have acted in a manner not in line with their patient's best interests as determined by a medical board of qualified doctors in a related field and not a group of political hacks.

What we have done is given Republicans veto power in your doctor's office. I don't know about you all, but I don't feel that Jim Jordan is qualified to dispense OTC Children's Tylenol, let alone second-guess my doctor that I trust and who went to school to do the job that I'm paying him/her very well to do.


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