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Hello from the UK


Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself as I am very new to Geekhack, I donít really know why as I have been using keyboards since I was probably 10 years old or at least that the first time I can remember. I love building keyboards myself and the satisfaction that you get at the end of it is unbeatable. Iím happy to be here and canít wait to see all the cool posts to come as well, Iíve been looking at some old posts recently which made me want to join.

Welcome to geekhack  :)

I have similar feelings about completing builds as well (Even though I'm not 100% happy with some of my builds and would like to go back to them, I mean tinkering is what I like about the hobby so it makes sense)

There is tons of cool info as well, I still go back to just look at the cool stuff that people had back then as well, plus a lot of info about certain things is on old threads as well.


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