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Glorious Panda vs Boba UT4 - Worth the change?

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I entered the customisation world when a couple of months ago I purchased a Keychron Q2. It came with Gateron Browns, but I changed the switches to pre-lubed Glorious Pandas and I 've been running this setup since.

Lately, I came across the Bobas and the thought of them got intrusive. So, I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience of both. Are Bobas that much better than the Glorious Pandas when it comes to tactility and thockiness? Should I get them unlubed or pre-lubed (they will cost me 2x the price, since I am not yet confident enough to do it myself)? Also, should I go with the UT4 or UT4x Bobas (I am concerned though by the fact that the latter come only in 65g weight)?

Mind you I prefer heavier switches (so, I have eyed the 68g Bobas) and I type for a living.

Of course, if you have to suggest some other switch that fits the criteria above (it is heavy or heavier than the Pandas, has a great tactile bump and is ideal for long typing sessions), I would love to hear what you suggest.

P.S.: Extra question. Do you have any advice on modding my Q2 to improve its thock sounds? As I mentioned above, I a total noob, so it should be something fairly simple and the material should be available in EU stores.

I went from unlubed Glorious Panda to lubed U4 silent (Iíve read that the tactile feel is the same).  The U4 is better, but a straight upgrade from lubed GPs to lubed U4Ts doesnít seem like it would be worth it. 

Thank you for your answer.

So, you would recommend the Silent U4T rather than the "normal" ones? Why so?

This thread confused me now cuz i havent been really up to date in the MX switch scene in like a year or so. I remember U4 being silent and U4T being the normal version. what is U4tx?

U4Tx is the variant that has a silenced bottoming out


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