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Hi I am ajdane, as might be evident from my name i am from the oh so very flat nation of Denmark.

I work in IT and recently got bit rather bad by the keyboard bug.

I have been using a DAS ultimate (blue mx) for quite some time but recently i got more into different keyboards.

Im now using a Noppoo choc mini (red mx) and a HHKB pro 2. The choc mini is mainly to try out red switches and how they are to type on.

I also have a Model M in Danish layout (1995)

I hope i will fit in here.

Regards ajdane.

Judging from that little collection you have going, you're gonna fit in here just fine.  Welcome to GH! =D

Thank you very much for the kind words.
I sorta blew my disposable budget for this month  on keyboards, I was looking for something less noisy than the blues in the DAS.
And all of a sudden im ordering keycaps and keyboards. A bit of a binge hehe.

I recall when I made the pluge for a modern mechanical board, and was a little thrown back by the price. Now $300 for a board with Topre switches seems like a good deal ;)

Perspective changes once you take that first bite. Welcome to GH!


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