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[IC] Aluminum Case Cover for Cherry G80-3XXX

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OK right now we have some aluminum case Covers for G80-3XXX and also 1XXX

G80S & G80L Aluminum Case Cover GB for Geekhack
Notice, these are only the top covers since the entire case may change the feeling of typing. and it is more easy change the top of ur keyboard.

What is AboStudio? it is a studio that manufactures keyboard parts and other relating products with talent ideas. They focus on the improvement of appearance without modifying the original using experience. They will do more research and jobs on relating fittings and additional parts in order to offer a perfect product. 

Winkeyless is available if we have an extremely accurate measurement and more than 10 ordered ! it will be designed as the baffle like KMAC2, as same color as the cover. it will come with every cover, not sure about price, may be little more, depends.

The bottom curve/angle is available. it will be constructed on all of the G80S some misunderstanding.... sry

Well, i guess someone don't like the broken & dirty & yellow cases for some rare and old cherry boards. so here are choices: G80S and G80L
There is either short version like the original G80 cases or with the long wristrest like 7G
Two colors are available: Black and Silver
They also come with the little plastic pieces for LED which is set by a screw on the case and a 3M wipe.
The LED piece fits all other original G80 cases too! so if ur missing one of them, this is the chance to get a new one.
Both covers have been already manufacturing and selling. All we need to do is to order more if GHer want!

G80S $259   
G80L $299
minimum for GB: total 5 no matter what color and what size

excluding PP fee and shipping, i think.
yeah i know everyone cares about the price, have to say that it is quite expensive for a couple reasons
1. Few quantity, obviously. more--->cheaper
2. enough materiel:  twice aluminum than KMAC
3. High level crafts, perfect space between keys and case, perfect fluent surface on the large G80L
4. And GeekHack logo will be added on the case if there are more than 5 ordered.

Interesting Check

there are little changes on the corners of G80L due to some technical problems, so it is not exactly as same as the picture shown


Very nice. If only it was winkeyless


--- Quote from: boost on Thu, 25 April 2013, 22:17:03 ---Very nice. If only it was winkeyless

--- End quote ---
always winkeyless, it is the time to have some full 104

Yeah, bost. You need to quit living in the 80s, man.

I would be interested in a black standard size case. I don't understand how these can be JUST the top though, they look too tall. You should see if the bottom can be manufactured as well, a plastic bottom would look kinda tacky. Hopefully that wont double the price...

And DON'T put a GH logo on them unless somebody actually wants that (and only on their case).

EDIT: I wish it had the angle along the bottom too... Oh well, I think these are the first metal 3000 cases ever made (correct me if I'm wrong).

EDIT2: HOW exactly do you connect the top to the bottom? Am I just not seeing the locking tabs?


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