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[IC] Dyesubs (Sup Son, Dongers, Dolan, hhhehehe, Nigel, Kappa, and more)

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Everyone's favorite ****tily drawn walt disney characters, now on a keycap!

I already have some semi-HD for some main characters, dolan, gooby, bogs, and dafty, with the addition of spooderman and boman.

imgur broke most of the pngs....

Seeing Copying Ragnorock's most recent GB, I'm thinking we do the get blanks from SP, send blanks to imsto, get better looking caps than with the "default" beige cherry caps.

For obvious reasons I'd like to do them as one large set of caps, and not individual...


le mockups.

I'm kinda disappointed I can't find any higher-resolution FrankerZ face, this one might not happen :/

100% in

Check my interest. It looks like this.


^ All of this.


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