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Just checking if this design would be of interest to anyone here?

I am planning on coming out with a line of aluminum and acrylic cases in the near future and am going to do things a little different.  From what I've seen so far, there hasn't been any real radical case designs, in my opinion.

The below image would be in aluminum and the wings would be hand-crafted with the possibility to detach the wings and also change them with other color wings, possibly ones with different schemes.  For instance, multi-colored painted feathers.

I am based out of the U.A.E. and have access to a plethora of manufacturing services for decent rates.

My brand will be, melt, after my GeekHack name.  Let's see how many of you would be interested first before I go and create some designs and get prototypes rolling.  Stay tuned for more designs!

seems like it would interfere with your mouse, no?


--- Quote from: demik on Sun, 25 August 2013, 23:27:27 ---seems like it would interfere with your mouse, no?

--- End quote ---

The wings will be adjustable to tilt (like flap).  Also, they might be a bit smaller than the ones in the picture.

ah, okay. then i can see it working

To me a 60% board is always an exercise in minimalism. I think adding more components like that would negate the charms of the poker.

I think something more subtle might catch on better. Maybe if you did some kind of relief on the sides for wings? Or maybe a sculpted spacebar with wings on it. But who knows, that's just one man's opinion.


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