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Finally our GB is happening!

GB Extended due to Stripe!
Stripe held the fund since 27th January, I've been sending email to them everyday since then.
But no solid response until today (7th Feb 2022 18:20PM GMT+8)
Have shifted to PayPal for the time being. So far so good with PayPal.

WHEN: 27th January 2022, 10AM (GMT+8) - 15th Feburary 2022, 12AM (GMT+8)
WHERE: Ark Studio
HOW: Unlimited GB, credit card payment through Stripe (Payment will be converted to Malaysia Ringgit MYR )
UPDATE: Discord Server where most of our update will be posted. Please join =) 
ETA: 2022 Q2 

Reason For Our Own Store
Though we understand that by setting up our own store, we need to deal with logistic and customer support ourselves, that doesn't stop us from bringing you our premium yet affordable kits.

2 variants are offered:
  • Standard Edition - USD 300
  • Special Edition - USD 350
    • Anodizing Black and Silver combination colorway
    • Aluminium PVD Silver Top Right Logo
    • Brass PVD Silver Backpiece
    • Brass PVD Black Decoration weight
    • Inner and outer silver chamfer

Standard Edition
10 colorways
  • Bruce Lee

  • Chromemono

  • Deadpool

  • Fontaine

  • Gameboy

  • Gwenpool

  • Mantis

  • Monochrome

  • Oreo

  • Romance

Special Edition
Review and assembly by 3ildcat:

Keycaps are NOT included

Kit Specification
  • 65% with top right blocker
  • Gasket mounted
  • PCB foam, case foam and switch foam
  • 7 degree typing angle
  • Seamless design

PCB Specification
  • 1.2mm flex cut
  • Unified USB-C daughterboard
  • VIA supported
  • Solder and Hotswap options
  • Hotswap PCB only support WK, ANSI layout with 7u spacebar

Solder PCB Supported Layout

Plate Options
  • FR4
  • PC
  • Aluminum

Packaging Specification
    CNC EVA form, anti-dust PE wrapping

We looking forward to bring our kits to you!

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