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been going for walks and seeing cool ducks

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I've been walking a lot more recently and Honestly the novelty has kinda worn off (which sounds weird but when you live in a surburb that's like 20 minutes to a bus line and not much in the area, seeing the same locations is kinda boring after a while) but I've been doing it to try and stay active and it helps me clear my mind from some of the stress that I have.

But while walking I see this type of duck that every-time I try and take a photo of them it always hides and I can't get a photo of them without stuff in the way. It's like blue, with a red beak and they look so cool. If they weren't wild animals I would love to have one as a pet, I know you can have ducks as pets cause I saw that one video of the pet duck that ran a marathon which was funny and cute.

This is the clearest image I have of it, I use my phone which doesn't have the best quality so it doesn't look the best but that's fine, It also doesn't look like it's got a head lol. Also the duck looks bluer in real life and I don't remember it being black and blue but I can't visualize things at all so I'm probably wrong

I had to zoom in to really see it. I swear this duck was standing on trimmed grass where you could see the whole thing, and the moment I went to pull out my phone to take a photo they jumped into the bush and I could only take this photo.

I will get an actually good photo of this type of duck (If they aren't camera shy which one of them was clearly). Also please walk if you don't. I understand America isn't the friendliest place for pedestrians where most of you are but It really helps you (or at least helped me) maybe go to a reserve of park and walk there. Put on a new album or a podcast or something as well, really makes walks more bearable if you doing the same walk everyday. Stay Healthy everyone :)

Yes to ducks.

Looks like a western swamphen, though I'm not sure what it would be doing in Australia.

Red-headed Snickle****


--- Quote from: iri on Sun, 30 July 2023, 04:05:38 ---Looks like a western swamphen, though I'm not sure what it would be doing in Australia.

--- End quote ---
It's a male Purple Swamphen


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