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ptm 7950 ordered.

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Results in 2 days. /Xcite

If it's as good as they say,

"durability claim, lasts 10 years"
"anti-pump-out (no performance degradation)"
"liquid metal equivalent performance"

Then it would've been worth it. Really expensive though, 80x80mm for $25 (3x3 inch)

Purchased from amazon, it's $8 more than ebuy7 (shady site), figured, if the seller is confident enough to sell on amazon given its return policy, they're probably selling legit ptm no?

So how did it go?

Unless Amazon is the seller, you have to abide by the 3rd party's own return policy I think?

Doing it now.

Running the furmark "before" run, 10 minutes so far, will run 15. Seems to be stabilizing at 58C

OK, so "after" phase change hump goes through, it's stabilized at the same temperature as the normal paste tp4 was using.

Liquid metal is only 1-2 celcius better

So it's close yes, but Liquid metal is still the winner.

Tp4 can't test longevity in 1 day, so we'll see how it fairs down the line, 

Thankfully, regular paste's pump out behavior is really obvious on the GPU, so Tp4 should be able to notice it quite easily given some time.

Will bake it for a bit more at a lower fan speed and see if it gets any better.

So the claim is pretty close, it comes down to the longevity now.

Eliminating the pump out is what will make it worth it.....hopefully.

My order from Amazon arrived yesterday. I should be making the swap sometime this weekend. I'll post up my results too.

What was your GPU core and hotspot delta?


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