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Second iphone

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Guys, they is installed spy apps on the wurk iphone.

What's the best iphone to get at this point (price wise), just as a beater for private use. It has to be iphone for occasional wurk apps.

12/13/14 ?

If you are looking for iPhone specifically, then something like an 11 should be fine. If you want the latest software updates than don't go below the XS/XR since they have discontinued software support for the X, and you might just want to go up to an 11 so you can get continued support for a while longer.

The more recent Iphones are relatively similar to each other. So unless you really want to take better photos or want more powerful hardware for some reason, then I would recommend the cheapest one you can find that still has software support personally.

why iphone over android?


--- Quote from: noisyturtle on Sun, 08 October 2023, 01:41:20 ---why iphone over android?

--- End quote ---

some wurk apps

Got a 12, but might need a second burner for -stuff-

How is pixel 7a guys ? It's on sale.


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