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What scared you as a kid? (Happy Halloween)

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happy Halloween everybody :)

While I'm not the biggest fan of the festival itself, I love celebrating spooky stuff this october.

So what scared you as a kid that scared you especially bad (I think people call it childhood trauma from media, but that seems a bit much)

I'll Start, keep in mind this was all when I was around 8-11.

I went into this restaurant and it has this kids place where they had a tv showing music videos, it was around Halloween and one of the videos they showed was Micheal Jackson's thriller. This video scared the **** out of me as a kid, very cool piece of media looking back at it.

This aids ad scared me so bad I would have nightmares every night for a while, and would be scared I would die when I would go outside. This was at a museum that I went to on a holiday program thing at a school. Weirdly enough it's from the 80s which I had no idea, I saw it around 2012-2013.

And The Simpsons Treehouse of horror also scared me as well. Specifically the one where the Bart is on the bus and there is a gremlin creature attacking him, and the one where Skinner decides to cook and eat the students, those were the ones I remember but I was feel unnerved any time the episodes came on. Treehouse of horror is something I love though, the most recent one was actually pretty good and the classic simpsons ones are some of my favourite horror pieces.

The first Alien movie. My dad was a journalist who wrote about movies and he had exposed me to many magazines and videos about how special effects were made, so I was very aware that it was all fake ... but I still couldn't go to sleep that night.

An older boy had told me that there could be giant spiders in the toilet, and for a while I was quite cautious of the toilet bowl.

BTW. The gremlin on the bus in the Simpsons is a pastiche of an episode of The Twilight Zone. Several Treehouse of Horror episodes are.

I was super into dinosaurs and ancient life (still am) and my dad decided to take me to a special event at the museum where they had a bunch of lifelike animatronic dinosaurs. We walked in, I saw some sort of sauropod, it moved and made a loud noise, I started crying and ran into the parking lot...

I also had to be carried around with my face buried in someone's shoulder when we would go into a Halloween store and could not open my eyes until we got out. My parents found this out after I ran into another parking lot after going into one.

I absolutely loved AvP and Alien though!

Nice try NSA, you will not use my fears against me.

I was fearless as a child, to a fault. I'd get hurt often, and often find myself in stupid and totally avoidable situations.

Now I am afraid of nearly everything. I barely ever even leave the house or take any chances at all. Paralyzed with fear, if you will.

I wonder what happened to make me like this?  :confused:


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