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Trial of DePape in Pelosi Attack Case

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As the trial gets underway against David DePape, who has precious little chance of selling his "not guilty" plea to a jury ....

It occurs to me that what is going down in that trial could possibly present an archetypical presentation of new techniques of defense and ?what? (punishment? rehabilitation?) for defendants who have become completely consumed by conspiracy theories, particularly since it is taking place in San Francisco - a fertile environment for progressive thinking.

The underlying dilemma, of course, is what can we, as a society, do about (and/or do with) the very large number of delusional people who have dived headfirst into the fantasy world of conspiracy theories and come to believe that any or all of them are absolutely true? And, crucially, have convinced themselves that it is worth killing, or dying, or both, to "take out" a few of the "evil ones". Because many of them have come to believe exactly that.

From the outside, rational people hearing truly irrational claims that stretch all the way to believing that all left-leaning political leaders (and maybe even voters) are cannibals, aliens, whatever else, and that their intended victims and enemies are always white American Christians (and whining "what about the children?"), can only shake their heads in puzzled disbelief that this could have become "a thing" in the modern world.

If it was only a small number of rare and isolated cases, an obvious defense strategy would be an "imperfect self-defense" case  but when it is ocurring with the excruciating regularity that we see today, the sheer number of delusional malcontents would completely overwhelm the capacity of prisons and mental institutions - if that was where they were ultimately sent.

Maybe this is just an intractable conundrum that reason and logic are incapable of "solving" ....

Are any of you following this? And do you have constructive thoughts on possible solutions?


Yes, these are delusional people,

AS a SOCIETY though ?

The Lucky-upper-classes,  should STOP EXPLOITING the pleb's ignorance/ lesser intelligence.

If they're filled with free tacos, and in a warm house,   what purpose would there be for them to run around with a hammer, except to mend fences.

This may be a violent inane incident, but at mass, it's the result of income inequality, NOT ONLY of idiocy/ mental illness / political brainwashing.

Capitalism exists across party lines, they're all responsible.

The plebs may not be sharp out of the box, genetically, but they're even DUMBER because we've extracted all of their TIME for labor, without fair compensation.  Then, the Wealthy-class makes the accusation against Hammer-Time.   

This isn't the first incident when plebs revolted and we've had social upheaval.   It's about that time again,  given Climate-Stressors, etc.

Civil war is VERY possible.


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Fri, 10 November 2023, 11:50:09 ---
EXPLOITING the pleb's ignorance

the result of income inequality

political brainwashing.

Civil war is VERY possible.

--- End quote ---

"And do you have constructive thoughts on possible solutions?"

So you consider the situation intractable?

That "the plebs" cannot be rehabilitated and that they will not be dissuaded from bloodshed?

That "The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, But It Bends Toward Justice" is an impossible aspiration?

Stop the Exploitation, Debt enslavement of mankind. Apply fair compensation for the fruits of labor, End Animal Agriculture, literally fixes everything except the bottomless greed of the lucky-soon to be eaten-wealthy-class.

This has happened before and it will keep happening as long as we run a colonial system of society.

Some might even argue, these cycles are natural, and it was the destiny of the rulers to topple. It certainly happens with well recorded regularity.

Empires all seem impossibly powerful until they disappear.

Now the moron is now crying on the witness stand. Does he really think that his stupidity and gullibility is a legitimate defense?

I am a very fair and open-minded person, but if I was on that jury I would be infuriated by pathetic whining like that.
Even if it were true  today  it would not make him any less guilty of what he did a year ago.


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