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5600x3d bundle

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NE1 tempted?

$269 for  5600x3d (microcenter exclusive), it's a 6core bin of the 5800x3d.   + motherboard + ram,-asus-tuf-gaming-b550-plus-wifi-ii-ddr4,-gskill-ripjaws-v-16gb-ddr4-3200-kit,-computer-build-bundle

I always hesitate on tech like this.
First off, it's a chip that failed testing for half it's cores, once electronics start to fail it tends to cascade. While this isn't necessarily true on CPUs (and it's how binning works on lower end chips), it's hard for me to change that view. If you;re buying low end, it;s fine but higher end you should just buy higher end.

Second, it's a limited edition chip, not all boards will work with it and as it ages out some could lose support for it as companies get lazy on supporting it and finding replacement boards down the line should you need one or try and resell this chip could very well limit your options or resale value.

Lastly, it's a limited edition chip which can mean less support if there's an issue. Some of this is the same as the previous entry but not entirely. This is a big problem on laptops where companies will focus on fixing mainstream products before fixing high end stuff. While you would think having top of the line means being first in line for fixes/repairs on a major issues, the reality is that companies see it as you're a smaller group and in the case of high end, a group who can afford to just buy a replacement... because f-you. This right here is one reason I soured on Nvidia (and Sony) when they pulled this on me.

That said, it's smoking deal for the money assuming it has none of the above issues and you live near Microcenter.

Yea, there's really nothing close in terms of performance you can buy for that money.

Should wait for BF ?

Maybe, but who's to say the deals will be much better.


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