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Even though Windows sucks, this is cool

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Check it out

Nice bluescreen curtain!

Holy crap.

I want one.

(Although, that bluescreen isn't accurate for Win3.1.)

I would like to see it with a nautilus motif....

By the way, Windows does not suck. Microsoft does tend to release new versions before they are fully debugged, but by SP2 they are usually pretty stable. And anyone who is not a total idiot has to turn off all those idiot features (I suppose it has to be that way, the idiots sure would not be able to figure out how to turn them on). But XP is as stable as any OS I know of that is readily available today. Probably more stable that OSX, and certainly more stable than most versions of Linux (as much as I hate to admit that). And admitedly any form of Unix is better than any form of MS-DOS; however, who, but a few of us nerds, uses the command line interface any more?


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