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Sad to say

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Well folks, I'm taking a break from this site and all things keyboard related (with the exception of using the ones I have) for a long while. I have way too many posts here to be able to look in the mirror anymore, and this keyboard thing has become a huge sink on my time and money, so it's time to find something new. So I might be back, but not for a bit. And no, this is not at the request of my wife this one's all me.

I will, however, answer PMs.



Sorry to hear that your contribution to this community is something that you are now ashamed of.  We'll try not to take it personally.


Oh, you'll be back.  Just like you weren't going to buy anymore keyboards after that Model M a while back.  Sure...

J/K.  We do hope to hear from you soon.  Good luck! :)

Just wait until you touch another keyboard and you'll be fighting the urge to come here again. Become a greater author and write about forum addiction ;-)


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