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keyboard modding for newbies?

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--- Quote from: bhtooefr;11943 ---It does have a metal plate - I've got an EnduraPro, which is a SpaceSaver with a TrackPoint tacked on.
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Now I am envisioning a unicomp spacesver with greased up springs and a sawed off numberpad...droool.

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note to self: Add black piano finish and cool blue leds.

Unicomp, if you're listening, see how we're resorting to creating our own keyboards because the market isnt filling the niche?


--- Quote ---Now I am envisioning a unicomp spacesver with greased up springs and a sawed off numberpad...droool.

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I wonder if you could be arrested for packing a sawed-off at work/school.


--- Quote from: wellington1869;11945 ---bummer
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Use a Dremel.


--- Quote from: iMav;11940 ---...however, to be safe, you could certainly just roll up the numpad port of the membrane sheets.
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That's brilliant.

Wow, the responses I've gotten on this thread are WAY more extensive than I thought they would be... thanks everyone for the links! Yes, this kind of thing is exactly what I'm looking for.... how do you find this stuff? Googling "keyboard mod" doesn't seem to find much.

lowpoly, you are my personal hero. Transplanting a trackpoint is something I've dreamed of doing for a long time, but it seemed too ambitious for a first attempt at modding, so I thought I'd start with the numpad amputation and go from there. But the fact that someone has already done this successfully is very encouraging. I actually have a spacesaver II which I bought specifically for the purpose of harvesting its trackpoint, but I haven't yet found the perfect keyboard to use as a host. When I do, I imagine I'll have some questions to bounce off you about the details of how you did it.

Incidentally, I just bought an Omnikey Evolution (off the marketplace on this forum)... I don't have it in my hands yet, but the layout seems really nice, and the trackpad, although probably not usable as a primary pointing device, should be useful at least for an emulated scrollwheel. Hopefully I'll end up liking the feel of it enough to use it as my starting point to begin modding. Does anyone have any pics of the internals of this board, or any threads on modding it?


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