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Need 3 keycaps for Model M...

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anyone have an extras or spares lying around? I'd happily pay for them... Alternately, does anyone know if jim owens would be able to sell just the keys/keycaps? (I suppose I could ask him) (though I dont know if colors would match, thats the only problem with that). Here's a pic of the three missing keycaps. Basically its the right arrow keycap in the arrow cluster, and on the numpad the decimal point keycap and the minus sign keycap...


Unicomp can get you exactly what you need.

Do what I do.  Order an accessory from their website (any will do), and in the comments list something such as:

"I do NOT want product X (whatever it is you ordered).  Here is what I want: "
And then simply list what you want.  In your case, the right arrow keycap, decimal numpad keycap, and minus sign numpad keycap for a P/N XXXXXXXX Model M keyboard.

iMav, would that trick work for a full set of BLANK keycaps?


--- Quote from: zwmalone;13593 ---iMav, would that trick work for a full set of BLANK keycaps?
--- End quote ---

Of course.  If they have any questions, they will email you prior to processing the order.

Alternately, I may have those keycaps on my parts board.

I'll toss them in for free if you buy my M13. :)

Edit: Technically, isn't this a WTB? ;)


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