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My Filco has been busy *shameless self promotion*

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The project I have been working on ( for the past year and a half is getting close to being complete.

It's a really fun (yes im biased) flying game that runs on MAC, LINUX and windows. Our current beta tester base is very limited in the mac and linux users so I would love it if any of you mac/linux people checked it out.  Even if you don't enjoy games I implore you to give it a shot (it's a tiny 50mb download) and most people get at least an hour of enjoyment out of it ;).  The game runs on anything so dont worry about your hardware specs.

Thanks for your time, opinions and (hopefully no bug reports)


I'm a linux and I'll give it a try later on today, I'll post back with thoughts if you like.

Looks like a modernized version of Sopwith. I'm there. (With the Windows version - my Mac barely runs at all, and my Linux box doesn't have X installed.)

Nice game graphics, runs flawlessly on my MacBook with OS X 10.5.5., but i didn't like the steering behavior at all.

I'll check it out later as well.


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