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is it a mod? the DDK

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I bet if I threw it, it would circle around and come back to me.

No pics during construction, partly because it was messy, but mostly because I didn't think of it. The case started as a 2 x 2 bent angle of 16 gauge stainless. One leg was mitered and the other leg bent. Miters welded together and then a stainless plate fit to the inside. Very messy, and not pretty at all. All the welding was with mild steel wire and then ground flat. After the pcb was fit into the angle frame the vertical leg was cut flush with the top of the Cherry switch. It may not be apparent from the photos, but the case rises toward the center, and also to the rear. Most of that is to accommodate the chips on the controller, just a bit for comfort. I did a bit of research on splay, rise, separation etc if anyone is interested.

Wellington, if I threw it there would be dents. It is steel, a bit heavy. What police might call a blunt force instrument.

How much for one of my own?  I love it! :)

I am impressed at what other members here are capable of doing. Very nice work : )


--- Quote from: dougy ---is it a mod?
--- End quote ---

Good question. It's a new board which is to some extent based on parts from other boards. So, yes and no.

You picked the right forum though. :D


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