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it's great to see such an important piece of keyboard history being maintained. lovely work photekq!!! :thumb:

you're the best photekq  :-*
will def put your efforts to use


--- Quote from: Photekq on Wed, 24 May 2023, 17:17:28 ---Hiya! Here's a pretty + rare picture to grab your attention:

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Some of you might've noticed that, while is still online, only the homepage is accessible. Maybe it'll get fixed in the future, but it's been like this for some time now.

This combined with previous periods of downtime has brought me to the decision to release otd_archive to the public.

I've started with the two richest sections of the website:


Other sections will follow when I have time (reconstructing these pages is a bit time-consuming), but these two boards contain 90%+ of the posts from the site. More than enough to start with, I think.

The webpages are stripped of links (except for Album and Freeboard on the sidebar), since they would lead nowhere, but I've retained almost all of the original design.

Most importantly, the search bars found at the bottom of Album and Freeboard are fully functioning, so please use them! (and also pray that I won't have to eat my words when my server crashes)

Oh, also, clicking usernames will show you all of their posts on the board you're currently browsing.


If you encounter any dead images there are two possible explanations:

* I removed them on purpose. OTD was a very tight-knit community; members there often shared pictures of themselves, and of their family. I've done my best to remove all of the family photos and member's photos of their children, as I'm not sure how I feel about re-hosting such personal images. I've left some pictures of people - specifically pictures of the members themselves and keyboard meetups. If you have a different stance on this, I'd be open to hearing your thoughts - perhaps I'm overthinking, or perhaps I'm not thinking enough. I also might've missed some, since it's hard to manually filter through so many images without any oversight.
* There's some ****ery going on. OTD was inconsistent when it came to handling images - some would have 'src="/folder/folder2/image.ext", others would have src="./etc", and rarely they would have src="". I've had to bodge this a bit, and I think I've handled all cases, but I could be wrong.
I say all of this to say - if you find a post with dead images or a dead thumbnail on the main Album browse page please let me know. Send an email to the address found here. Explain the problem, and include a link to the page in question.

Further to that, if you come across any other problems with the site, or any images that you think should be removed please contact me at the above link.


If anyone has any requests, e.g a new search option, do let me know too.


Lastly, before I go~

Total image count (without thumbnails): 77,833
Total post count: 58,345
Total comment count: 1,070,852
All figures are excluding sections I wasn't able to access.

Long live OTD. Since '08.
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P.S If somebody can get me a programming job or get me a 356CL/356mini/DGE/LIMKB, lmk :cool:

--- End quote ---

Thank you for preserving otd, I'm glad that most of otd is archived even if the website goes down forever.

Thank you this is amazing  :thumb:

Thanks a lot for preserving this!

Also, > 1 million comments :eek:


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