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Thanks to anyone who's commented or messaged me. I'm really happy to know that people will put the archive to good use other than just myself!

I've uploaded the files I used to do this task. This is only for learning purposes, or for people that were curious. Please don't use these yourself, even if OTD comes back online:

--- Quote from: lbassett21 on Wed, 24 May 2023, 17:40:54 ---Absolutely amazing work Photekq! It is a shame that OTD is finally dead, but we are all very lucky to have you around to keep the legacy alive. Did you have any posts that stood out to you while going through and scraping the site? Would love to see what you may have dug up if anything.

--- End quote ---
To be honest, while I have browsed most of OTD in the past.. I wasn't manually scraping this or anything, so I didn't have every page flash before my eyes.

I'll post some favourites here in the future, but for now I need a break from looking at OTD :p

That sad that we cant backup 100% of, i think we lost a lot of info of OTD Projects. That's gonna be great if someone can find contacts of Eungsam/Any moderation to renew the expiration date so we can back to past. I Still want to see an info about 356F. 356ES, 356LS and other boards.  :blank:


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