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[IC] KBM Odin - YEA Another Manu change

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Ghost of Olympus:
Any updates on this set? I honestly think it looks goregous and should be made. I really love the colors.
--- Quote from: Hyraeth on Sat, 09 July 2022, 11:48:41 ---Hi, I really like this set but the lack of a french (ISO-FR) kit is a deal breaker.
Is it too late to add another kit ?

--- End quote ---

Since most PBTFans sets use MacOS mods, will you be sticking with text only mods?

Ok, I know I'm late to the party, but someone mentioned to me this thread and... why is there a "" key in R4?
I would certainly love it if you could include a South or ISO-ES kit but, if not, users that use a Frankenstein layout with an "", use that key in the R3 row.


--- Quote from: atl22033 on Wed, 04 August 2021, 16:18:37 ---Show Image

Quick disclaimer: this isnt a weeb set to some peoples very BASED opinions lo

Hi I'm pasta and this is my first ever set PBTfans Odin! My bases of this set is on the idea of the dead going back and reuniting with the god himself, Odin, in preparation of Ragnarok. I went with a black, white, and cyan set color way to represent the nothingness of the dead, and the white and cyan showing the light at the end where they will reunite with their fallen brothers and allies to serve their god once more. This set will be made with doubleshot/tripleshot PBT.

Interest Check Form


So quick update all kitting in these are old and there will be new renders for all kits crom manu change thank you for understanding

Click for larger images

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Click for larger images

KBD Odin by KBDfans
Show Image
Show Image
Show Image

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Show Image

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Show Image

Ellora65 By KikosLab
Show Image
Show Image

Alphas: Pantone 656UAlpha Legends: Pantone Black 6UMods: Pantone Black 6UMod Legends: Pantone 635UAccent: Pantone 635UAccent Legends: Pantone Black 6U

Click for larger images

Light Deskmat
Show Image
Dark Deskmat
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Asero Foundry Artisan
Show Image

CableMod Collab:
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Here is a render made by Cylent creator of Epbt Kavala support that as well, and this is a render with the dark version of the deskmat

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NA: Mechs & Co. Mechs&CoCA: AlphaKeys   AlphaKeysMX: Rheset   RhesetEU: KeyGem KeyGemUK: KeebCats   KeebCatsASIA: KBDfans   KBDfansGlobal: KBDfans   KBDfansAU: AllCaps    AllCaps

Pricing TBA

[b]To do list:[/b]

Post the IC
Improvements to NordeUk
Some collabs


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Some people I would really like to thank are:
i would like to thank the people in the designer community for helping me out and teaching me the ropes
I would like to give thanks to Cylent, Eg0, Imperfectlinkn, NoPun, and scott for helping me make this set
I would like to thank Mechs&Co for getting me a pantone book when amazon had cancelled that order
I would like to thank shmak for supporting me through out this whole process and making the signature art which is very nice
Someone who I would like to thank the very most is my artist Remiy who I would not be to live without who basically made all these novelties come to life
I would also just like to give a big thank you to everyone who helped support me through the design process.
and also thank you pomchamp andrew for saving my ass with from english errors
I would also like to thank Jakk for helping me improve my renders a lottt and also mark for helping with board conversion
I would also like to thank mark for saving my ass and helping so much with the deskmat


Guesss whatttt we got a collab with Asero Foundry for a metal artisan and it is looking beautiful, the interest thing has been added to the form is if you would fill it out it would mean a lot

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So right now I have some deskmat protos coming in and I must say they look mighty fine, and this is all thanks to Zionstudios
here are some photos:
(Attachment Link)
(Attachment Link)

I've come to the conclusion that there will be two base kits
one with subs being the dark Ragnarok alt base kit
and one light without subs being the base kits

September 4th, 2021
Hey hey hey hey so guess what you guys asked for it so there are now runic sub-legends on the base kit I know in the render it is a little hard to see dw I will be working on making those a little larger.

August 30th, 2021
Another Quick update some improvements have been made to the 40s kit those will get rendered and labeled as soon as possible. I have Some Collabs that I'm working on which will include a metal artisan which I am hopping can be over 1u. I will get deskmat renders out soon so keep an eye out for that!

August 17th,
les go we got that deskmat design

Update August 5th, 2021:
I updated renders so they should be much better now. I have been looking at feedback and I am currently considering putting the sub-legends in the base kit. I also have made some kitting changes as follows:

Ragnarok alt:
Added 7u spacebar
Added uk terminal

removed top 3 keys because they are included in base kit

added two 3u alpha spacebars
added one 1u alpha spacebar
removed 7u spacebar

--- End quote ---

Is the discord for the rest of you gone as well?
Do we have an update on the set? :)


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