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[IC] KBM Odin - YEA Another Manu change

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Goddamn, you fine. GLWIC!


--- Quote from: klexoslethal on Wed, 04 August 2021, 16:28:28 ---It seems the novelties are all r1, I can only imagine that it was a mistake. I forgot to put this in the IC form but I would like to see the Nordic sub-legends on the light alphas, maybe even in the base kit instead of the dark alphas. Aside from that I'm loving the set, will probably be buying this

--- End quote ---

Novelties have been fixed and correctly labeled

fiji water:
uhh you're a bit late for april fools

Any chance you could add 2 3U spacebars?

In the spacebar kit would be ideal, but one in the spacebar and one in 40s would work as well.

sad that the base kit doesn't include runes, but I know there are complications in kitting, is it more difficult to make mod kits and alpha kits separate?

sad that there isn't an alpha kit with only runes (to be fair no one does this, this is more of a gripe toward all Norse kits)


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