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Reasonably-priced Kailh Choc keebs


I've always wanted to try Kailh's low-profile Choc switches (1.2 mm travel), but till now only saw the switches sold separately rather than any boards built with them. (Okay, there's the Logitech G815, but it's way overpriced.)

And because Chocs have a unique footprint, I couldn't just plug then into a hot-swap board. I know some of you guys have modded PCBs to fit them (beyond my capabilities), and I've heard there are kits made for them but never found any.

Tonight I was pleased to stumble across a few very reasonably priced Choc boards (ha, "chalkboard", never thought of that) on Amazon, available in 68- and 104-key layouts. I'll detail them below in case any of you are interested.

The manufacturer's selling them direct. I have no idea how Perixx boards are in general—so if they're notoriously terrible, sorry about that. At these prices, though, it seemed like a good chance to try the switches, even if the boards weren't spectacular. (We're not talking Filco here anyway, right?)

If you're not familiar with the switch, here's an exhaustive analysis of its variants on YouTube. (He calls them "Chocolate" switches, but that's the only inaccuracy I spotted, LOL)

Cheers, A.

US (

Perixx PX-4300KWH 60% Mechanical Keyboard - Wired or Wireless Multi-Device - Customizable RGB Backlighting -TKL

Brown (tactile) 68-key: $39.99; Brown 104, $34.99; Red (linear) 104: $29.99, all plus shipping

Canada (

Perixx PERIBOARD-428 Mini Mechanical Keyboard with Kailh Low Profile Brown Switch, RGB Backlighting, Black, US English Layout

$49.99, free delivery

Perixx PERIBOARD-328 Full-Size Mechanical Keyboard with Kailh Low Profile Switch

Choice of red or brown switches, $59.99 (free shipping)


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