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[IC] VěID Ľ 65% Layout Top Mount + O-Ring Keyboard (Prototype #4 tested)

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Neo 65 has same engraving on the back. Just saying.


--- Quote from: iwobobul on Sun, 03 December 2023, 10:57:55 ---Neo 65 has same engraving on the back. Just saying.

--- End quote ---

Finally, someone brought this topic up, I had anticipated this kind of statement for a very long time
I assume you are new to this thread, so let me explain a bit for some context in case there's a similar statement in the future

We started VěID project in late 2022, first Instagram post December 9, 2022, Geekhack thread started on 25 March 2023. As AFAIK Neo's first post on Instagram about Neo 65 is on May 28, 2023.

This is not who used the logo first game, for sure we lost since they released it earlier than us. Since we used the logo the very first time for the project, it's quite difficult to change it now because all our product lines use this logo (DěCK, DESěLATION, ěBLIVIATE, etc).

While having similarities, it's not 1:1 same. We also spoke with Syrah as Owlabs and QK representatives just to avoid issues in the future about these similarities

Although we have similar vision regarding the logo, we still believe we offer something different from product perspective

Red and Bluee

Typing test

Polycarbonate Alu plate Cherry MX Black Top mount

Blue - POM plate Popu Top mount

Red - PC plate BCP Oring mount

Those new protos look amazing!


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