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How do you guys decide on a keycap set?

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Different ways. Sometimes I'll want a certain type. Often I want something that I think will be cool to try. Pps, metal, pom, ceramic, etc. I really like pbt stuff and some people are partial to that or abs another popular choice. I love abs too and use these two different types a lot, and I have boards with sets in either mated to them forever. Sometimes I hunt stuff down for a while, and sometimes I just have brand loyalty. Or something will just pop up and I"m like yep I need that. An example of the opposite of that would be where I'm low on money and I see a set on a website that's just there for a while and has some significance or value to me and I'm like hmmm someone may pick that up I better get it naw I can't spare it. Goes for shapes, colors, stuff like font even and rarity for me.


--- Quote from: Axiom_ on Fri, 24 November 2023, 23:35:22 ---Profile -> Material -> Manufacturing (double shot, dye sub or laser etched) -> Colour -> Availability. In that order.

I personally spend the most time on deciding the right colour combination/theme for my keyboard.

--- End quote ---

yea this is pretty much how i decide, but i might put laser etched before material because i just rlly dont like laser etched keycaps lol


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