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MPE-AXE3000H Review [Saving old laptops]



Just found out this card exists.

Early-Mid-2000s laptops, they used half height m-pcie wifi cards. The new M.2 NGFF form factor wifi cards do not fit, like the Intel AX200-AX210, or Any of the AC8000 series.

Enter  AXE3000H,  It's an off brand m-pcie form factor card with an official intel AX210 Chip, that just fits.

So, all the popular Early-Mid 2000s laptops can upgrade to WIFI AC/AX.

Card works amazing. 100Megabyte/s in AX-mode on Thinkpad X220, nearly as good as wired.

Grey antenna to 1, Black antenna to Aux.  (Blue/Red) antenna are for wwan, they're tuned for different frequencies, they do work but sub-optimal transmission, do not use.

You require the mod-bios to get bluetooth working (thinkpads), as it requires enabling the usb port on the m-pcie slot.  If you don't need the updated bluetooth 5.3 on the new AX210, the original bluetooth daughter board goes up to Bluetooth 4 and work just fine.

An incredibly conveniant card, plug and play, Loads official Intel Drivers, lots of legs left on old laptops. Internet as a whole is much smoother/ lower latency than older cards like 6300 ultimate-n (~23MB/s max).

Probably placebo, but the laptop feeeels faster w/ the new wifi card. Would a webpage load fractionally faster with ~3x the bandwidth.


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