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Ryzen 7900x... Idle at 85 Degrees?


Hey there

I am runing an aircooled (be quiet double tower air cooling) with arctic silver 5 thermal paste, on a less than 2 year old PC build, windows 11. PC is effectively clean of dust.

My PC in a relatively idle state, utilizing 10-20% of CPU usage, just having tabs open, has high temps.

I tried to monitor on hardwaremonitor and HWinfo.

In both cases, it seems my PC is running incredibly hot for no apparent reason. I tried to re-apply thermal paste and I usually do this without issues. Before and after thermal paste application, temps are still unsually high.

The CPU is default settings, no overclock.

I am particularly concerned with the package temp and the CCD temp. The computers max temperature readings was without any stress tests on the CPU, literally just opening tabs, surfing internet, etc.

Any other info I need to provide? Do I need to get a new CPU or even see if I can get it exchanged?

Newer cpus are set to just run all out until near max temp.
If this is new-ish behavior though for yours it could be a bad update or driver.


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