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--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Thu, 11 April 2024, 10:04:56 ---
--- Quote from: TomahawkLabs on Thu, 11 April 2024, 10:00:52 ---Good alchohol doesn't taste like alchohol. That's why good vodka doesn't have a taste and a mild to no burn.

--- End quote ---

If it's so good, why is the benchmark to not taste like what it is?

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--- End quote ---

Good whiskey doesn't taste like alcohol it contains. The forward facing notes should be spice/peaty/etc depending on the mash, etc. Any taste in vodka is impurities (tannins) in the distillation process and is a sign of inferior quality. Most people cannot justify the cost of good liquor. That being said, if alcohol was undiscovered until 2020 and put to market in 2024 it would be straight up banned, but culture has allowed this problematic liquid to thrive in our society. Without alcohol we may not be around as people due to not understanding how to purify water.

I am a dark (stout/porter) beer drinker when I have a drink, but due to personal issues I don't drink more than 1 or two in a sitting. I genuinely enjoy the bitterness/complexity of dark beer, but don't like being drunk. There are better mind altering substances than alcohol. I have moved onto getting my tasty drinks in the form of Alt-Sodas like Poppi or Olipop

This box o' mini spring rolls, supposed to come with FOUR packs of ginger-sweet-sour-dip. 

Only got 3 in the box...

How is Tp4 supposed to eat all 72 spring rolls w/out the proper amount of dip. Now Tp4 has to severely Ration dat ginger.  Freaking, it's made in corea, clearly they've let quality control slide.

The word 'throuple'

It's happened, ran out of ginger dipping sauce on spring roll #63

Home made sauce is probably better and healthier.


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