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What's Bothering You? (The thread about what is bothering you.)

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--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Sun, 19 May 2024, 10:15:04 ---Just got a pixel fone, man guys, these things are kinda invasive. It's digging into your mind and trying to connect you to the matrix.

Was having trouble with the unlock button, and after a bit, it sends you an alert, having trouble with the fingerprint scanner, try adding your face for face unlock.

This thing is measuring and monitoring everything.

--- End quote ---

I didn't have to put my fingerprint or face id on my pixel, Just a passcode. I generally don't put those things on them, but that's superstition on my part, since both fingerprint and face id are both stored locally on the device from what I know, so they can't access that data remotely.

Tater Chips,  fried in, 100% Avocado Oil.

Saw @ costco, Tp4 buys bag, try try, du'know guys, this stuff tastes HEAVY, like you're gonna have a heart attack the next day heavy.

Y'all try this stuff, so thick..

Anker 733 battery bank, so if you have too much load on this thing, it stops charging itself because of overheating, as the ac-dc is bolted right next to the battery. Normally that heat would be in a separate adapter.

So, it's supposed to save you a cable, but in reality, it's not dual use. It can't perform all of its functions all-at-once, so WHY have this device at all? If you just get a regular gan-adapter and a separate battery bank, they can both run at full cap.

Why didn't they just add a heatsink/ fan to this.

Chat GPT sky voice,  it only sounds a tiny bit like scar jo.

They're doing media circus for the publicity.


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