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The picture above is taken in morning sunlight. My phone refused to show the colors even close to their accurate hue in indoor lighting.

After some back-and-forth with ePBT, they sent me injection molded samples of keys for R3, R4, and R5, pictured above with the previous blue keys from the full kit samples they sent me in the last update.

ePBT had to change the color of the legends on R3, R4, and R5 in order to have the dyesub work on the injection molded keys. This has resulted in a darker legend with MUCH better legibility. However, this has also resulted in an inconsistent legend color between R3, R4, and R5 and the blue keys. ePBT has agreed to send me some new samples of the blue keys with the new legend color.

As always, if you want more detail and more frequent updates please join my discord.

For the sake of resolving my own doubts and making sure this is the best possible product, I have asked ePBT to send a new R2 base color test with this new batch of legends testing.  They will send new tests but it will slow the process down.

Part of me feels like it will look better and satisfy more customers if the R2 is darker; part of me feels like customers will never be satisfied.

Either way the other base colors will NOT be changing, I know that they are slightly different than the renders and I do not care. The gradient looking good as a whole is far more important than render accuracy.

In some lighting scenarios R2 looks amazing. In others, it looks slightly off - not off from the pantone swatch - but off from the gradient. I think the effect is a byproduct of some of the blues becoming slightly more saturated during the matching process. It will take a few days to pick a new color to test and to ship swatches to kbdfans (which is so expensive fml).

The color to the left on these photos, 2151U, will be the tested new R2 color. I will chose between the new and old R2 color when ePBT completes the new dyesub legend test on the blue base keys. I have shipped the swatch to Kbdfans.


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