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GMK Beige Addon & Extension
As its name implies, it's beige. Why beige? Because beige is a pretty common colorway. Although I personally think it's boring, but it's great for this because you can find beige sets relatively easy to pair with this. I've been working on this along with DCS Vert for some time now, and I want to share it to you guys, and I also like to get some feedback on this. I know that I am running an IC for a DCS set in parallel, my actual plan is to run this after DCS Vert. But recently I saw that there're a few beige sets popping up, so I thought this would be useful to some people.

IC Thread

GB: October 30 - December 9
Estimated Delivery: Q4 2023 - Q1 2024

My rant on pricing (skip this) More
I'm not satisfied with the prices. These prices compared to the amount of keys you get is not good ($10 more than the total amount of keys). I've talked with Mike (M&C), couple of my friends and vendors about this. We have 5 options.

1) CMYK, R0&R5 and Addition at 500 MOQ - Prices of each of these kits will dropped by $5. Considering how people perceive GMK rn, it's very optimistic to hit 3x500 MOQ kits meaning vendors need to buy out the MOQ. I did some calculations and best case scenario is not only vendors will not get any profit, but each of them will need to spend at least $1,500 out of their pocket to buy out the MOQ. Even if we remove all the kits except these three, vendors will still not get any profit.
2) First option except R0&R5 at 250 MOQ - R0&R5 is at 250 MOQ because it require the most amount of money to buy out the 500 MOQ. Best case scenario is vendors will get profit, but very very little.
3) Second option except we remove some kits - Vendors will get a decent amount of profit, but we need to remove 2002 and 40s Kit.
4) CMYK, R0&R5 at 250 MOQ and Addition at 500 MOQ - Addition is not at 250 MOQ because compared to other kits this has the worst value per key. Vendors will get profit, but still little (a tad more than the 2nd). To make around the same range of profit as 3rd and 5th option, we need to remove 40s kit.
5) All at 250 MOQ - It's a little bit expensive than what I want, but we get to keep all of the kits. Vendors will get a decent amount of profit and this option has by far the least risk compared to others. And now vendors aren't taking nearly as many extras and hobby is shrinking, we think this is the best option.

Not only that we also have to consider, the average cost to ship from GMK is roughly $7.5/Base kit normally so figuring we don't have a base kit here, the cost might come down a bit but it will still land around $4.5-5.5. Then other vendors like OCE and such have high import taxes and fees, so we have to consider all the vendors. That's why prices have gone up a bit. I'd like to show you the quotes, but because of obvious reasons I can't. IMO this is not a good price compared to the amount of keys you get and how long you're going to wait, but this is the best we can do. I'd personally want see this set make MOQ, rather than trying to lower the price and possibly not hitting MOQ and remove some kits. So I need to be a bad guy here. You guys probably know that GMK has been raising their prices, and I'm also not happy about it. However, unfortunately this set can only be done with GMK considering new molds and everything. If you're not going to join this set because of the pricing, I totally understand you. Regarding GB date, it's set to run in 30/10/22-30/11/22. But because zFrontier ghosted me, this might change. I think that's everything. Tschüss!

United States: Mechs & Co.
Europe: Oblotzky Industries
United Kingdom: Prototypist
Canada: ApexKeyboards
Oceania: Daily Clack
South East Asia: Hex Keyboards
China: zFrontier
Worldwide: zFrontier

Material - ABS
Legends - Doubleshot
Colors - GMK L9, U9, CR, MG1, TU2, CV, DY, P3, V4, N7 & V2

Board Renders by Pontus

21xx by Pontus

Daal by Ankit and Hali

Routemaster by Ash;

40s Kit
( (≪●≫) )Д( (≪●≫) )

R0&R5 Kit
*Note* R0 shinethrough keys are rendered in R1 because there's no R0 shinethrough model in Endeavour's file.

Addition Kit
Thanks to Laur for helping me get these Cherry logos, consider buying GMK Retro Runic to pair with this.
Image from GMK Rouge Thread, Credit Rayndalf.

Laur and I will be making a new mold for this with this legend for people to use.
We will use ANSI Enter stabilizer positions instead of ISO like what GMK has rn.
It would make it a lot easier to use on boards with fixed ANSI plate layout.

Bars Kit
For you guys who have banana spacebars.

2002 Kit
Poes from offered me to take over GMK 2002 -o-
Shout-out to pngu for designing this.

In fact it’s CMYOPK, but yeah...

There will be no collaborations, novelties & deskmats.

Discord server / mcmcmc#2149
Support this project by idk reply something to this thread, so more people see this I guess. Thank you for reading.

Very cool. Very nice. GLWGB!

I love beige and beige add-ons and accessories

buzzin buzzin sheesh hot fire right here :thumb: :thumb:

So happy this is finally running, probably going to get all kits! Good luck with GB!  :cool:


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